Dies Rubio is committed to implement, lead and develop their corporate policies, based on compliance with the following principles:

  • Ensure that our products meet customer expectations
  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations and other requirements that the organization can face.
  • Continually improve the effectiveness looking for the satisfaction of all stakeholders (customers, suppliers, our environment and all employees)
  • Always keep in mind the most suitable conditions to prevent, reduce and eliminate pollution, accidents and diseases of workers.
  • Ensure that workers have sufficient and appropriate training and information to enable them to develop their activity and appropriate channels of consultation and participation.
  • Encourage suppliers to provide their services to Troqueles Rubio in accordance with the principles of this Policy.
  • Quality, service and responsibility that involve Troqueles Rubio workers, remaining their responsibility to report through the established channels the actions that could alter or violate it in any way.


Troqueles Rubio has a mission that may seem simple but which requires important efforts: pretending that over time the enthusiasm of the original project will be maintained and developed with the effort, technology and service to satisfy our customers and our team.


as any internal process for our customers: a process unified to a simple physical distance.


A well-done work

Our work as a company is to develop quality products that meet the expectations of our customers and respond to their needs. For this it is necessary to develop our business offering the best of each one of us.

Team work

L Experience has shown that successes are not the outcome of one person, but the result of good teamwork, good communication, a relationship of trust and a collaborative approach by all members of Troqueles Rubio to achieve a common goal.


Our customer commitment is total. Our experience and know-how helps us to meet their needs for planning, documentation and shipping.