Troqueles Rubio was born in 1973 from his founder Jose María Rubio, dedicated to the manufacture of cutting formes since he was 14 years old. The company activity started in a small plant of 120m2 located in a Barcelona’s district. It was the beginning of a long term Project in which the whole Rubio’s family spent many efforts and enthusiasm.

Step by step and thanks to many labor, the company was consolidated in the market having a strong increasing demand which led them to move in a bigger plant of 240m2 in the Cerdeña Street 199 in the center of Barcelona. At this moment, the team grew to 28 employees.

Jose María Rubio, in his continuous quest of innovation, imported the first Laser machine for the saw process, which ensures the maximum precision for the cutting formes manufacture. This breakthrough was exposed at this moment in the prestigious fair Graphispag’ 89 where Troqueles Rubio took place for the first time. Since then the company is assisting every 4 years to this great event.

> The past and the future: the traditional saw cutting process and the laser saw cutting process. .

Recognition of Quality was the result of the twentieth century. Obtaining accreditation certificate of quality in the manufacture of cutting formes and complements was a great satisfaction to all who are part of the Troqueles Rubio’s team. Our ability and working methods make our business highly competitive. This was reflected in the magazine of the Graphic Arts Association No 181 July-August 2001. (www.gremi.net)

Currently and since 1989 Troqueles Rubio’s plant is located in a 1400 m2 on the street Josep Pla 163 in district of Poble Nou in Barcelona. After thirty years the company has an highly qualified team thanks to its seniority, and has an high technology in all its processes. The recognition of the quality came true with obtaining the ISO 9002/94 certificate. Troqueles Rubio looks forward to continue to be one of the largest companies of the sector in Spain and also has a new challenge: export its products and services to other countries thanks to the new incorporated & specialized team.

Today the company is in a process of generational change, which implies to struggle for preserving the legacy of the company. Besides Troqueles Rubio aims to open new foreign markets to export their personal philosophy of business.