We apply the same technologic processes to the cutting forme and to the complements manufacture. Our laser machine is able to realise cuttings til 3000 x 1500 mm (118,1 x 59,1 in). The computer numerical control (CNC) technology ensures that the initial design hasn’t been modified.

Male-female ejection:

The ejector is used for the extraction of scraps and wastes during the die cutting operations. The ejector optimizes performance and ensures a high volume production with high accuracy, regarding to the cutting forme.

Pertinax counterparts for milling:

Pertinax counterparts ensure an absolutely accurate record in relation to the cutting forme and allow the immediate lay into the machine. It reduces significantly the time required for assembly and reduces the number of operation to mill the product.



Rules of braille insertion in packaging for blind persons reading is increasely stricter and rigorous, whatever the product. The coupling of the braille with the cutting forme requires writing skills, planning & protocol knowledge.