Cutting formes manufacture

TROQUELES RUBIO is able to manufacture any kind of cutting formes and complements, from the simplest to the most complex one.

Thanks to our laser saw machine, cuttings can measure til 3000 x 1500 mm. (118,1 x 59,1 in).

Wood-based cutting formes:

This is the most common forme, and it is prepared for manual and automatic machines.

Cuttings forme of figures and labels

troquel siluetasTroquel Siluetas

Thanks to high quality materials, we can offer good results for all types of shaped cutouts. We manufacture all kinds of complementary cutters such as:

• Plate Pertinax

• Complete Ejection

• Steel Plate

• Brailles

(See Part Products> Complements for more information)

Methacrylate cutting formes: 

Its transparency is useful to display the record for accurate manual punching operation. This kind of product can be used to cut difficult material such as leather.

Cutting formes with a methacrylate-based offer us the same opportunities with wood base .. But give us the ability to see through.

Regardless of their bases, cutting shapes can cut the same materials:

Card / PVC / Fabric / Leather / Skin / Labels / Stickers / Magnets etc. ..

Special Cutting formes for the leather goods  with wood-based or methacrylate-based or whitout base

In Troqueles Rubio, making cutting formes for the leather godos is treated carefully. Given the complexity of the materials that will be cut, it requires a technologically advanced manufacturing process, while making the traditional way, and this  from the careful selection of its components until its finish who should be clean and well adjusted.

Steel Cutting formes without wood:

We work with the best steels market major heights  19-32-50-80 y 100 mm por 1-1.4-2-2. 5 y 2.8 mm thickness and may be supplemented in height.

troquel sin base bolsa plastico

Automotive Seals or for industrial components.

Cutting tools for die cut plastic bags:

“Bubble” cutting formes with high blades:

Used to for the production of blister packaging: it enables to accommodate bubbles and elements to multiply the use of the cutting die. All elements of the cutting forme (base / blades / rubbers) are adapted to the materials and applications to the required. We produce cutting formes for multiple material types, and for a multitude of uses.